Boss Battles


In 2014, Studio MDHR announced a new game called Cuphead. This run-and-gun platformer was supposed to launch on Windows, Xbox One and Steam and now we can fully appreciate its features and capabilities. The game will take us to a tricky casino located in the magical Inkwell Isles where two brothers live. Having a venturous nature, Cuphead and Mugman decide to try their luck in that enchanted gambling house. They start out making success and raise quite a lot of money, but in the long run they face the Devil himself. This is where their luck ends. Tempted by the  opportunity to win all of the Devil’s treasure, Cuphead bets his own soul and the soul of his brother and loses. But just before the Devil is about to withdraw his gain, the two pals swear to do anything it takes to remain alive and retain their souls. The Devil agrees and sends them out to visit other poor fellows who have lost to him and collect their soul contracts. Now Cuphead and Mugman are on a trippy quest to travel through mystical locations and fight all kinds of enemies on their way to freeing themselves of the unfortunate bet. The art and style of the game are borrowed from the classic 40s cartoons and might remind you of a similar story of Max and Dave Fleischer. Each character is hand-animated to reach a similar look and every frame demonstrated how careful this work has been accomplished. And although the levels are claimed to be incredibly tough to complete, this is yet another reason to try and play this game that is already available on Steam! For now, cooperative mode isn’t supported online, but this is soon to be fixed!


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