The world of cartoon is purely fictional, so don’t be surprised to meet some strangely looking characters there. One of them is Cuphead, an adventurous guy with a mug on his shoulders that has run into debt with nobody short of the devil himself! Now he has to give it back and he has no idea how to do it. You are going to help the poor fellow with this daring task! Although the game may seem like a typical 2D platformer, albeit with a style closely resembling the classic cartoons of the 30’s, don’t expect it to be easy to play! We are sure you are going to break your controller at least several times before finally getting the hang of it and completing all levels. The locations are plentiful and diverse. You are going to find yourself in fairly weird places and travel though them all if you hope to solve the problem that hangs over your like a storm cloud ready to strike you with a lighting bolt any time now! The devil doesn’t like to be waiting, so don’t try his patience!


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