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While some games have thousands of people working on them and still fail to appeal to the wide public, Cuphead is a platformer designed by just two guys. Made in the style of retro cartoons and perfectly imitating the 30’s animation due to purely hand-drawn design, it will immediately win your sympathy. The story revolves around an imaginary character called Cuphead and his pal Mugman that lost their souls to the Devil in an enchanted casino and now have to pay their debt by traveling across various freaky locations and collecting the souls of other debtors. Those include a wide range of similarly bizarre characters, from a balloon clown to an animated scotch bottle. Each of them uses a slew of diverse attacks that differ from boss to boss. Cuphead also has two types of switchable weapons and a special attack that needs to be charge before you can use it. While you stand still, you also have an ability to free aim.

The levels are designed similar to horizontally schooling shooters with fierce boss fights. There are also on-foot sections where you can collect coins to purchase new weapons. The playthrough is insanely tough, even with an easier difficulty setting. It is going to take you a good deal of dying before you finally get the hang of it. And although the controls work perfectly and are highly responsive, you’ll often find yourself missing the good old joystick that could have made the whole thing much simpler… However, this may well be just an excuse for our own clumsiness when it comes to handling some particularly sturdy boss.

For now, cooperative mode works only locally, but developers promise to bring it online soon. But don’t think that teaming up with a friend will help you a lot. Very often, your companion will be more of a distraction than much of a help. So if you aren’t afraid of challenges, we definitely recommend Cuphead for you to download!


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