Although Cuphead is claimed to be one of the toughest platformers that ever existed, one of the gamers already proved that its rather playable by beating up all the bosses without getting any damage! He published the video showing the entire process on YouTube by nickname horheristo. To get such good hang of the game, he needed only a few days. To make things even more mind-blowing, he completed all 28 Cuphead levels at the S rank on the Expert level. The six run and gun levels were cleared by him without making a single shot! He shared a video of this playthrough separately.

At the beginning of the video, the gamer didn’t miss the opportunity to once again mention the story of the VentureBeat portal editor who had difficulty completing the tutorial level of Cuphead. In the first minutes of his YouTube playthrough, he makes a parody to the journalist. On the gamer’s channel, you can also find videos devoted to other popular games, including The Binding of Isaac, Enter the Gungeon and Nuclear Throne.

Speaking about Cuphead, it is currently avaihalbe on Steam. You can download it on Xbox One and Windows PC. Meanwhile, the game is only supported as single player and co-op mode when played from the same computer. The online cooperative is about to launch pretty soon, though. We only have to wait a couple of more months! The game will amaze you with its cartoonish graphics, fascinating story and diverse level design. Take the challenge of beating the fiercest of Cuphead bosses inspired by horheristo’s example!



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