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How about having a cup of hot coffee before setting out on a trip to hell?.. This question wouldn’t seem so puzzling to the hero of this game! Take a look at him and you won’t be asking yourself what Cuphead means. But you’ll definitely still wonder what it has to do with the hell traveling part. Well, our character is a gambler. He made a deal with the devil and now has to pay back his debt. And since money isn’t his cup of tea (pun intended), he chooses to solve the issue the hard way: battling the devil’s minions and eventually challenging him to a duel over his soul! In that quest, he desperately needs your help! Getting an upper hand over the common foes won’t be that difficult. But there is a lot of boss fighting awaiting you. You may not be able to conquer all of them… from the first shot. But there is always a second one! Keep trying to take down countless monsters from hell on your way through amazingly pictured levels reminding the classic cartoons of the 30’s! This Disney-style hell is going to keep you glued to the screen for hours! If you feel like it’ll be hard for you to make it alone, your faithful companion Mugman will gladly lend you a helping hand! For now, co-op is only available from a single computer, but it is promised to be brought online soon!


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