Cuphead Android APK


We first heard about Cuphead, a typical run and gun action game, a long time ago. But finally we can lay our hands on the game and make our first conclusions about the product offered to us. According to Steam, the sales are going pretty well! The game is reported to have been downloaded by over 120,000 players and that’s only after being available on the site for 4 days! But even despite these promising numbers, it’s still early to judge the game. The studio responsible for the development hasn’t yet included all the features it was planning to. As claimed by the producer, the game is also going to have online cooperative mode. For now, we have to concentrate on other of Cuphead’s features among which it’s impossible not to mention its remarkable cartoon art style and impressive level of difficulty. The graphics and soundtrack have been carefully selected in line with the 30’s era. That means you will be able to enjoy watercolor backdrops, retro hand-drawn animation and merry jazz tunes accompanying the action. You will get to travel through bizarre worlds, learn amazing new moves, collect weapons and uncover intriguing mysteries as you search for a way to give your debt back to the devil!


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