Cuphead 2018


If you loved watching cartoons by Walt Disney of the 1940’s, you’ll surely take a liking to Cuphead, a new platformer that just launched on Xbox One! The visuals and audio are obviously inspired by the style and feel of those very cartoons you used to watch as a kid. The player is a cute little man with a mug in place of his head that has found himself in a pretty unpleasant situation. He has a debt to give back and the person this debt is meant for is the devil himself! Now Cuphead and his best friend Mugman have to make their way through legions of evil creatures in order to battle the devil and save their souls from sure demise. There are tons of hard-to-beat enemies and bosses waiting for you along with imaginative locations the action will take place on! For now, the game is only available in single player mode and co-p on the same computer. But soon enough developers promise to update it with online cooperative mode!


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