Cuphead for PC


Today, when there is an interest for reviving vintage animation and mechanics in the game making community, we are glad to welcome games like Cuphead on the market! This amazing run and gun platformer will instantly bring up images from cartoons of the 40’s. Wide eyes, bobbing moves and hand-drawn animation create an astounding effect making you feel like a hero of a Disney cartoon. And although we’ve seen similar creations before, this is the first one made with such precision and care. You can sense it in every pixel!

The main hero is a fidgety fellow with a china cup in place of his head who clicks fingers to fire pellets at his enemies. Having bet his soul against the Devil himself in a magical casino, he lost and now has the only way to escape the grim fate – taking over other poor creatures owing their souls to the Devil and collecting their contracts to annul his own. In the end, he is also going to fight against the Devil, so you’d better equip your hero right!

The enemies are versatile and painstakingly animated. There are crazy vegetables attacking you with their sprouts, genies with weaponized turbans, balloon clowns and many more. Each of the bosses has their own types of attack that are randomized which brings the element of unexpectedness and mobilizes your attention. Really, this isn’t a game you can play just idly sitting back in your computer chair. The gameplay requires your ultimate concentration. There is a lot to learn, so you need to follow everything that’s happening on the screen. With a total of 28 boss-packed levels to complete, you don’t have time for distractions! Even if you can’t get past some of the foes at the first shot, don’t give up and keep trying until you succeed!


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