How would it feel to play a Disney cartoon with the difficulty of a hefty platformer? You can find out by playing Cuphead! The game’s animation is still widely discussed at gamers’ forums all over the world. It’s amazing how just two people could hand-draw something as visually enticing! There is an increasing number of reviews calling Cuphead with cheats one of the most incredible-looking games in years. Developers, the two brothers from Canada, painstakingly copied the style of classic animation from the 30’s. They even introduced title cards for each stage and accompanied the action with a merry jazz soundtrack. It’s like watching the cartoon of your childhood, only with the ability to participate and have a sway over the events.

However, don’t let the light-hearted animation fool you. The game is extremely hard. There are severe boss fights that will take you dozens of tries before you can finally get past those cute-looking creatures with a fierce character. Compared to them, the run-and-gun action levels with their platforming challenges and minor enemy encounters feel almost like a breeze. These are also the only locations you can pick up a few coins to spend on special abilities and new weapons. There are a total of two weapon types, three special attacks (you get to equip only one at a time, though) and, to complete the set, a special charm. Abilities range from extra health to parry skill. Combining these perks in a way that suits you best is part of the fun. Choosing the right tools can help you tremendously against certain bosses.

Whenever you get stuck, you can aways get some assistance through local cooperative mode. The second player is a similar cup-headed character of a different color called Mugman. Co-op brings yet another useful ability: reviving your pal by parrying their spirit before it disappears in the sky. However, sharing the screen space with another player isn’t always that convenient. You’ll get to learn all the great and no so great sides of Cuphead by getting a shot at this fantastic game!


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