Cuphead 2


Can a cartoonish enemy be fierce and dangerous? Surely, if we are talking about Cuphead, where you meet various monstrous rivals, which aren’t that easy to defeat. The game isn’t quick, but you will definitely like the process of conquering it. It will take plenty of efforts, but the result is well-worth very minute, spent in it. You may be aggressive and furious about the slow progress, but you shouldn’t panic, if something goes wrong. And there may be plenty of things that are dragging you down, but you need to overcome all of them, if you want to succeed, and never look back.

You should expect danger from every spot, both from ground and from sky. You can be attacked from any side, so you need to be on constant alert. This is a very difficult job, and some useful bonuses will make your life much easier. If you get used to one type of attacking, you will be bewildered by absolutely another type, so you need to be very flexible. It will take just a few minutes, but it would seem to be an eternity, because of the massive attack and its diversity. Though the game has simple and clear missions, they aren’t easy to complete, mostly because you can’t restore your health. If your health bar becomes empty, you will die, and you have to start the game from the first level, from the first world. You can’t save your progress, and you need to be extremely careful not to die in the middle of the game.

Actually, you can start with the easiest mode, and see how everything works here. You can explore every location, see, how characters interact with each other, and how you may beat them. You may learn about their weak sides, and how you may use them. For instance, in the second world the mega boss will send her soldiers at first, and you have to defeat all of them, before you start fighting with her. You need to know this before you start the most difficult mode to get an access to finale.

The graphics is really outstanding, and it takes you to a fairy-tale world. Music deserves a special word, because here you will hear all possible styles and singers, so this is a point of attraction for music lovers. The special atmosphere was carefully created for you to enjoy, and you this shooting game will find a place in your heart. It is hard to say, whether you will be able to survive, or not, but you should spend many hours in the game in order to learn to control all options and kill all bosses. If you will learn to survive, you may become the happiest gamer in the world.


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