Cuphead video game


Have you ever heard about Cuphead? This thrilling game will amuse you by an unusual approach to the animation: the graphics will take you almost a century back. Those carefully drawn characters are unbelievably unreal, but they are captivating you, so that you want to see more and more, and explore what they are capable of. And they do so many incredible things, and you have to be quick and determined to keep up with them. The design takes us back to the 80’s, and impressive sound tracks of all epochs and styles will make you truly excited.

Despite of cartoonish graphics, the game is not for kids, because it is hard enough. You can’t save the progress, as well as enlarge your health bar. You need to complete all the levels on the maximum difficulty, though you may try to do it on minimum difficulty, because if you die, you have to restart the game. If you learn about all pitfalls of every level with tiny efforts, you will know what to do to complete the game without losses. And, the longer you play, the less likely you are to notice the beautiful design, because all you can think about in this stressful situation – is how to survive, when Cuphead is watching you with his terrifying sight.

There are three major types of levels, so you will never be bored. The most superb and ambitious level is the finale, where you need to show all your skills, acquired during the entire game. You need to know that you will be fighting constantly, because this is the major goal of the game. Get ready to meet the mega boss, and all other battles are almost nothing, compared to the amount of stress and painstaking efforts you will take to get to the end of the game. On your way to this epic battle you will meet various characters and get cool bonuses that will definitely help you to defeat your enemies with diligence and wonderful speed. This game has its strong points and certain drawbacks, but only you can say which they are. The main thing here is that you have to find the right way, and no one will give you ready-made instructions about how to play; Cuphead lets you do this on your own, and this becomes the biggest reward for a devoted player.


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