Cuphead 2017


The new Cuphead game is already available on Steam! Announced back in 2010, it has teased us with its appealing art style reminiscent of Disney cartoons back from the 30’s for such a long time! Now we can finally appreciate it, albeit in a limited edition. Yes, the game still lacks a few features. In particular, developers from Canada have announced an upcoming addition of cooperative mode. You will be able to play Cuphead with your friends online!

The story behind the game is pretty simple. Cuphead, a merry fellow with a passion for bets, has made one with the devil. As could be expected, he lost and now there is a debt hanging over him. He needs either to pay it back or lose his soul in the hell fire. Sure enough, our hero doesn’t wanna end up like that, even though he only has a mug instead of a head! Will you help him beat all the enemies that will stand in his way and clear all the tricky levels to reach his goal and save his soul? We have no doubt a kind-hearted person like you won’t live Cuphead high and dry!

Although the game is incredibly hard and has puzzled even the most experienced of gamers, there are some who have already cracked the secret of completing it without even getting heard! You can actually find a video of one guy doing that in the web. He conquered a total of 28 foes without receiving any damage and got the highest rating possible, A+. The entire process took him a bit more than 40 minutes. Download Cuphead on Steam and see if you can repeat what that guy did following your own battle tactics! We hope that, with a bit of practice, you’ll get through all the hazards relatively unharmed!


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