If you are a fan of American cartoons from the 30’s, you will definitely like a new cool and insanely tough platformer called Cuphead! To make sure of that, it’s enough to take a look at screenshots. The game was developed by two brothers from Canada, Chad and Jared Moldenhower, who established the MDHR studio. They have a rare talent of hand-painting hyperbolized characters with huge eyes and teeth. Yes, you are going to remember your favorite Disney cartoons while looking at them!

Cuphead is both the name of the game and the main hero. You’ll figure out what that means at once by casting one single glance at the character. By the way, there may be two of them if you play co-op. As the story goes, Cuphead made a bet with the devil and lost it. Now he has to return his debt and for that he’ll have to conquer quite a lot of enemies, including mighty bosses.

The development of the game started in 2010 and it was officially announced four years later at E3. However, the game still remained unavailable while offering players an ability to try their hand at taking down some of the bosses at the exhibition. This was the only feature demonstrated during the presentation. Fights with common enemies probably weren’t yet fully animated. Speaking about weapons, at the moment there were two types of it – for close and distant combat. The developers promised to add significantly more options in the final version of the game, though.

Cuphead is initially meant for Xbox One. But the adventures of the jolly mug-headed fellow will also be available on PC. According to early reviews, the game is one of the toughest ever in the 2D platformer category. But this is a good thing, right? We all love a bit of a challenge and easy solutions don’t leave us feeling rewarded. We want to apply more effort and make sure they aren’t for nothing! You’ll have such opportunity in the Cuphead game that will stun you with numerous amazing locations.

On each of them, you’ll have to complete a certain number of tasks and kill all the enemies you are going to meet. There are also some curious secrets for you to reveal. It’s only up to you and your fingers whether you’ll be able to overcome all the obstacles and beat all the challenges prepared for you by the two brothers! Cooperative mode is about to come pretty soon, so in a while you’ll also be able to enjoy the new franchise with your friends. Adventures of the restless Cuphead will be even more interesting then!


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