Cuphead 3


People all over the world like cartoons, no matter how old they are. And a lot of them prefer to cooperate with favorite characters in all possible ways, and online games are very appealing to them. You face different people, animals, robots and other heroes, and you may interact with them, helping good guys and killing bad ones. If you don’t know what to play this fine evening, why don’t you choose Cuphead? This game has clear goals, though this doesn’t make the process of winning easier. The first thing you need to know – it is surviving game. And you will be fighting a lot. You will meet not only with terrifying bosses, but with their devoted soldiers as well. Well, you might not be scared by cartoonish characters, but you should be, because they know no mercy. So, what do you start with?

First thing you need to know is that you will face numerous bosses and their henchmen. And they will have different faces and abilities, and you need to learn how to cope with each of them. There will be times, when you will be made to run, in other cases you will need to fight, and sometimes you will hide, and that is all. You can’t rely only on your powers and endurance, because you can vanquish certain bosses only with the help of a peculiar bonus. You need to know you can’t go through this game quickly, because the record is thirty-seven minutes, but it doesn’t mean you can beat this record. People train or many years to get such quick reaction, and you can hardly boast such achievement. Fireborn can help you to defeat bosses, but you should use it very carefully. Cuphead was considered to be very difficult, and there are peculiar reasons for it. The main thing is that you can’t save your progress, and once your health bar gets empty, you need to restart the entire game. This fact makes the game even more difficult, but if you try hard, you will definitely survive and kill all the bosses.


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