Cuphead Xbox one


Think most of the games available online are too easy for you? Try Cuphead for Xbox one! This new 2D platformer will make you shout obscenities at harmless cartoon characters and break your controls in a fury! You will get to play as a charismatic guy called Cuphead (you’ll figure out why after looking at him). Our character’s nonchalance once brought him to a diabolic casino where he lost all his money and also a soul. To avoid the dismal fate of burning in hell, he has to make some dirty job for the Devil and collect other debtors’ souls across a variety of psychotically designed levels. The bosses you are about to meet will get increasingly hard to conquer. It will take you quite a lot of tries before you get past some of them. You will get to deal with such characters as a furious potato throwing huge dirt balls, a crying onion whose tears deliver a good deal of damage and a schizophrenic carrot shooting laser beams and homing missiles. And all this is just the first level!

However, even if you die, the game will go on! So instead of a failure, think of that as a chance to learn. Since the bosses’ attacks are randomized, you can only learn the telltale signs preceding them by getting hurt. This isn’t a game you can play while doing something else at the same time! You have to be fully focused. Everything that happens on the screen requires your closest attention, so keep your eye on every move and remember every detail. All the more rewarding it will be to beat a particularly challenging boss!

The game is made in the style of old Disney cartoons which makes it particularly appealing for the fans of that period. Moreover, every frame is hand-drawn and the animation is really in line with the epoch, so it brings pleasure even just to look at it. So far, there is only local cooperative mode available, but according to recent talk, it will soon come online! We just have to wait a bit while getting the hang of it!


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